RPGplane Universal App for Iphone, Ipod and Ipad

RPGplane hit the AppStore! <- Stunning updates coming soon!

***25/03/2011 – Featured by Apple in both the board and the role-playing categories!***

RPGplane features:
-Universal App! Buy once, play on iPod, iPhone and iPad!
-Features 15 different maps with more to come
-Change everything of your checker! From color to size, text and field of view!
-Calculate fog and line of sight
-Interface made for the touch screen! Creating checkers and objects never was this easy!
-Change the grid size to your needs!
-Useful objects such as swords, gold coins, treasures!

You are a fan of D&D or World of Darkness but you hate having to set up your maps and miniatures? Dice-Miniatures collisions disturb your sessions? A dragon has wiped out your table?! No panic, with RPGplane you’ll be able to roleplay even on a plane! There are no rules, so this App is generic for any RPG. Some of the maps in the first version are HUGE.
RPGplane let’s you play your rpg tabletop games with beautifully detailed maps, with the ability to create any kind of checker and change every setting to your needs! Role-playing was never this immersive!
We’re working on user customized maps (we’ll share some spectacular 10.000×10.000 pixels maps as soon as it’s ready). You’ll be able to set every image as a map!

We’re hearing the reviews! Avatars, dice rolling, pre-fabricated maps with monsters and treasures already set are on their way!

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Mobile Development Showcase


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5 Responses to RPGplane Universal App for Iphone, Ipod and Ipad

  1. RuthlessSword says:

    I can’t wait to see a complete gameplay video with numbers, text etc. Please use an epic font 🙂

  2. boccobsblog says:

    That is amazing. Great find. I’m not sure how it would fair on a reg game, but for road trips, flights, at school, etc it would be epic.

  3. RPGplane says:

    we’ll make an update with custom maps (so you will use your own maps) and I’m not sure if you can already jack your device on an lcd screen and see all the map in huge size 🙂

  4. Andre says:

    You’ve got this tagged under ‘Android’ as well, but there’s absolutely no mention of an Android version… Is this Apple only then?

    If so, please remove the Android tags.. Not only is it misleading, it’s very unhelpful to people searching for apps like this.

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