Update 1.1 is out!

Update 1.1 is out!
48 detailed tokens, 2 new maps, 8 new objects, pinch zoom and preset maps!
And the new update is already in the works!
Tell us what you think or what you would like to see implemented!

Grab it on the AppStore  and leave us a review!

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“WORLD OF ORFEL” CAMPAIGN!! (2€/USD) PDF file, 28 Pages, 9 Quests, 2 huge world maps, Pantheon (basic) situation, Timeline (of the current orfelian year), Politics etc.
Click on the old book ^_^

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3 Responses to Update 1.1 is out!

  1. cris says:

    How does one switch modes, so that the hero can walk through the map without seeing all the other characters (dragons). With the fog of war on, all the characters are still visible on the map. That seems like a key feature that I’m just not understanding how to enable. I have tried them with different outlines (white vs. black) but even with white enabled, I can still see the location of all the black characters. I want the other characters hidden, like the treasures are hidden.

    • RPGplane says:

      If I understand correctly your needs, you just have to set the fov to 0 to create monsters (they’ll be under the fog). If you want a character to be above the fog but without field of view, just the field of view to be like the “circle”, so even though it’s here, you can’t see anything 🙂
      To edit a checker, once you clicked on it, tap the icon in the bottom right corner.

  2. RPGplane says:

    cristiaaaan dove sei finito? il versamentoo (ho una nuova postepay) contattami su faceboook (ciccio rizzo se ti sei dimenticato)

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