What are RPGs?

RPG means Role playing game. Lately, specially in video game reviews, some people seem to forget it. The therm “rpg” sounds cool, so game developers often use it when it’s not the case.

-A storyline that can be changed is a Role playing game because, no matter the game mechanics (items etc.) players have a role, so their choices really change the story.

-RPGs can be videogames.

-RPGs are not “hack and slash” videogames. Even a multiplayer “hack and slash” is not role playing.

-A turn-based game is not automatically an RPG.

-Games like Diablo1, 2 and 3 are good games but you can only “hack and slash” around and gather items/powers. Nothing more.

-My personal idea after years playing them is that videogames like “Baldur’s Gate” or  “Oblivion” and all board RPGs like “D&D”, “World of Darkness” etc. are games where you make choices.

-Real RPGs are for people who want to play their way, not just to choose between a few options.

-I hope RPGplane will be a powerful and easy to use aid for your group’s imagination n_n

-post scriptum: Live Role Playing games rule.


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