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  2. Isaac Prussey says:

    Set your maps on fire is a very nice app, and you make great maps. I have feature request. Could you add the ability for me to add my own maps? Using iTunes an app can share a folder that one could add tiles to. I recommend that you make it possible for one to add an image of a specified size, and then have your app read the image(s) from that folder. There are no iPad apps that are truly customizable but there are a lot of people that use camapign cartographer, paint, photoshop, coral etc… For maps. If you could make this possible on the iPad I think you would have something wonderful.

    • RPGplane says:

      Thanks a lot, we’re glad you like it 🙂
      Custom maps are on their way, we just need some time to work everything out, but they will be definitely be there. The next update will see dice rolling and the possibility to add values to objects, then we’ll work full time on custom maps, both with the ability to read an image and use it as a map, both with the possibility to draw it using tiles.

  3. Dan says:

    Awesome plugin, this is easily the most powerful map maker I’ve seen. I was wondering if you knew of any sort of pack that contained more topographical items such as houses, trees and things of the sort. I am aware of the brushes which are all awesome but the selection is somewhat limited. For instance I was looking to show a forest of pine trees but there doesn’t seem to be a brush or item for that. I searched on Google but only found frontal brushes which are of no use to a topographical map.

  4. Robert says:

    Fantastic app, actually one of the key motivations for my decision to get a Touch. I was very pleased when I loaded this software and got a chance to play around in it. I did have a few suggestions for future updates, however. I LOVE this program, and it is beyond excellent, so take this as constructive criticism only.

    To start, I’d like to stress PLEASE keep this app what it is, and that’s an elegant and near-perfect portable custom tabletop. I don’t see the need for a die roller. There are plenty of those available, and no one else is doing what you are in bringing minis and maps into people’s hands.

    My biggest suggestions are fairly obvious related to the goal above; custom checkers, tokens, and custom maps. If I could load an image from my photo library and use a simple circle crop tool to define a custom checker, and do the same, applying a grid to an image, and perhaps a few tokens, then this utility could be used for any number of board games like HeroClix, Warhammer, RISK, etc. A “snap-to-grid” function would also be very welcome, if only for checkers.

    By all means, your included maps are fantastic, as are the included fantasy checkers… Perhaps for fundraising you could offer “content packs” separately with themes. This would be great for people who don’t want to spend the time building all their chips from scratch. It would be great to have a “space” set and a “western” set for Deadlands or even a Serenity campaign.

    Oh, and TV Out functionality would be great also. I have a little projector and it would be great to be able to throw maps onto a wall at the comic shop and run the game via our phones and apps.

    Excellent work, and really excited to see more.

  5. Robert says:

    Well, since I’m being moderated, and I’m obviously passionate about this, let me explain my issue with adding mechanics.. It’s the quickest way to shoot this program in the foot by being too complicated. The word “values” in your previous reply makes me nervous. If you can save me the hassle of carrying trays of minis and rolled maps, or having to ink up my erasable one, pack it all in the car, lay out terrain (Oooo, terrain!) and have to lay it out and then pack it all up again after the game, then that’s what I need out of this app. By adding mechanics you remove the sandbox ability that lets me play ANY game that uses minis on a grid (Ooo, hex grids please!), and that’s all this program needs to do really well. I can handle paperwork, or find an app that handles mechanical stuff, but like I said, there’s nothing else out there with the potential of your program to be truly awesome at handling maps and minis.

    I especially love the save state function to wrap up and restart on another night. Talk about removing another headache.

    Again, thank you for your time. I’ll try to stop now.

  6. AML says:

    Hex grids. PLEASE, hex grids!

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